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Our Process


This is the first and foremost step in the production of salt. This is a crucial aspect of the quality of the product is determined in this step. We have a 200-acres saltpan that helps us to harvest the element. We use the solar evaporation technique that is the purest method for salt harvesting. Our team is educated in the intricate details of thescientific process. This helps us to avoid pollutants and maintain the quality of the product. We maintain the required quality and allied elements to preserve the value of the product.

A part of the harvested salt is send to our new crystal salt automatic iodization plant where iodised crystal salt is packed in consumer packets of different weights. Another part of raw salt is transported to the salt refinery through dedicated trucks and containers. We keep sufficient stock in our salt works to supply salt in rainy season to run the salt refinery and supply iodised crystal throughout the year.


This purification process involves washing, centrifuging,drying and sorting the raw salt creates a usable refined product that is ready for packaging and distribution. Our refining plant is completely automated and is programmed to function around the clock. All our machinery is continually upgraded to maintain service standards.

We have developed a standard operating procedure aids in seamless operations and helps in quality control. We have an inbuilt 8000 sq.ft area for storage of raw and finished products. All our techniques are reviewed and continuously upgraded. We strive hard to preserve our standards and steps are taken to curb production cost.


A good packaging uplifts the entire value of the product. We use Automatic packing machine to maintain the exact weight of the products. As much as the quality is critical, the package attracts the attention of the clients. It creates a significant impact on consumers and improves overall sales. Our creative team works closely with market research firms to understand customer expectation.

Every product has a unique consumer base, and we take extra effort to accommodate their needs. Every product is distinctive and yet beholds the brand value of Brilliant salts. We do not just concentrate on the aesthetic elements, but also the durability of the covers.


Brilliant Salts has an extensive network of partners who help in the distribution of the products across South India. We understand the commercial aspects and the volume ratio of the product. We have designed the ideal schemes to aid our dealers to benefit from our partnership. We provide the necessary materials to help them to market the product in their respective regions.

We pride ourselves in our seamless supply system and ensure that our suppliers are provided with adequate material. We have a strong presence in South India and have established our market even in Tier 2 and Tier 3 areas. We have partnered with Government organisations and supply products to Central and State organisations.