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Brilliant Salt Refineries

Salt is an inevitable element utilized in the residential and industrial areas. The aspect has multiple properties and is available in various forms. Though we do not give much credit for salt in words, it is impossible to survive without it.

The salt is a culinary wonder that enhances and balances the flavour of the food. The health benefits aid consumers to embrace a stronger way of life. The element also has a spiritual influence in various cultures.

Our Team

Mr.N.Yogesh Chinnamani Mechanical Engineer
A mechanical engineer proficient in various fields of expertise such as Salt refinery production,, Gypsum powder production and salt exports.
Mr.R.Aravind Chinnamani Production Engineer
He is the lead of operations involving the process of automized iodised crystal salt production.

Mr.C.Ram Prakash Production Head
Raw salt harvesting is the first step in the production of Avante grade products. Mr Ram Prakash is in charge of monitoring the salt pans and producing premium quality crystal salt.
Mr.S.Selvaraj Financial Head
Accounts play a vital role in the growth of any company. The purchase, finance and accounting are the forte of Mr S.Selvaraj. His background in commerce and experience in allied segments has helped him in this avenue.
Mr.C.Naren Dharmaraj Marketing Head
A dynamic person by nature, Mr Naren Dharmaraj handles the marketing and human resource departments of the company. He is a chemistry graduate and has completed his PG in Social Work. He is responsible for identifying the right resources and expanding the market base.